$28 RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit with Furniture, 1:24 Scale Mo Toys Games Dolls Accessories 1:24,with,Miniature,/arbalestrier702076.html,webdispo.com,DIY,Furniture,,Dollhouse,Scale,Kit,Mo,$28,Toys Games , Dolls Accessories,RoWood RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Kit 1:24 with Scale Furniture Mo 1:24,with,Miniature,/arbalestrier702076.html,webdispo.com,DIY,Furniture,,Dollhouse,Scale,Kit,Mo,$28,Toys Games , Dolls Accessories,RoWood $28 RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit with Furniture, 1:24 Scale Mo Toys Games Dolls Accessories RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Kit 1:24 with Scale Furniture Mo

RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse Super beauty product restock quality low-pricing top Kit 1:24 with Scale Furniture Mo

RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit with Furniture, 1:24 Scale Mo


RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit with Furniture, 1:24 Scale Mo

Product Description

Miller's Garden
LED Light

Key Features

Deatil : LED Light

  • LED lights give the cabin a unique and charming charm in the dark.
LED Light


potted plants

metope  adornment

Rowood Miniature Dollhouse Kits
Samamp;amp;#39;s Study Cathyamp;amp;#39;s Flower House Milleramp;amp;#39;s Garden Simonamp;amp;#39;s Coffee
Sam's Study Cathy's Flower House Miller's Garden Simon's Coffee
Model DG102 DG104 DG108 DG109
Recommended Age 14+ 14+ 14+ 14+
Assembled Size 7.28 x 8.86 x 7.48inch 7.68 x 6.89 x 6.89inch 6.50 x 7.48 x 7.36inch 7.68 x 7.20 x 8.27inch
Package Size 12.56 x 8.15 x 1.97inch 12.56 x 8.15 x 1.97inch 12.56 x 8.15 x 1.97inch 12.56 x 8.15 x 1.97inch
Assembly Time 16H 20H 18H 24H
Brand Rowood Rowood Rowood Rowood

RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit with Furniture, 1:24 Scale Mo

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