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Aravon Women's Whitney Slip-On


Aravon Women's Whitney Slip-On

Product description

When you want your workweek to have a little extra something, treat your feet to the upgraded style of the Whitney from Aravon®. Croc-printed faux patent upper with loafer silhouette. Slip-on design for easy on and off. Dri-Lex® lining keeps feet feeling breathable and dry

Aravon understands the precise role each pair of shoes plays in a woman's wardrobe and they applaud it. They appreciate the fact that you've got a million things to do and the last thing you need is aching feet. They know the damage caused by bad shoes, whether they injure the foot, ankle, knees or the ego. They are a few seasoned shoe developers who believe that footwear should support a woman's sense of wellbeing as well as her sense of style.

From the manufacturer

A good pair of shoes changes your life. It starts with comfort, inside and out. Self-confidence grows from the feet up, as life begins to feel good again. A sense of freedom returns. No limits. No more staying on the sidelines. A renewed energy to tackle it all, no matter age or foot issue. Powered by healthy footwear solutions, crafted in versatile, classic, and effortlessly graceful styles. Everyday heroines with lives full of dimension, responsibilities, and interests. Walking, skipping, dancing to the beat of their own drums, and inspiring with every step. Comfort is confidence.

Aravon Women's Whitney Slip-On

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       enhanced models to operations
 • Develop meteorological software
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NOAA's Weather and Climate Operational Supercomputing System is known as WCOSS. The WCOSS systems are located in Reston, VA and Orlando, FL. WCOSS has both IBM and Cray components, as seen in the following images:




Set the standard for information technology excellence for the NWS. NCO serves as a valued technical asset for the NWS and NOAA in defining and accomplishing mission goals. NCO will be as renowned for IT management as NCEP is for scientific excellence.
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