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Meet Sonja and Alex Overhiser: Husband and wife. Expert home cooks. Authors of recipes you'll want to make again and again.

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Classic Tomato Soup

This classic tomato soup recipe is full of bold flavor: easy to make and perfectly seasoned! Serve with grilled cheese…


Lemon Pasta

This lusciously creamy lemon pasta recipe is the ideal balance of richness and acidity! It’s a comforting meal or stellar…


Easy Tortelloni

Tortelloni could not be tastier paired with tomato cream sauce! The rich, tangy sauce pairs perfectly with chewy pasta pillows.…


Cajun Shrimp Pasta

Everyone will love Cajun shrimp pasta! It’s an impressive dinner idea that’s irresistibly seasoned and easy to make. Here’s a…


Easy Rice Bowl

This easy rice bowl comes together in a flash! This fast dinner stars black beans and veggies with zingy cilantro…


Cauliflower Stir Fry

This easy cauliflower stir fry is an ideal healthy and easy dinner idea! It’s full of nutrients and covered in…


Easy Pesto Shrimp

Pesto shrimp is a dinnertime win! Savory basil pesto is a natural pairing with juicy shrimp; serve with pasta or…


Pesto Salmon

Bright green basil pesto is a natural fit with baked fish! This pesto salmon is an easy weeknight meal that…


Easy Chickpea Curry

This chickpea curry is the ultimate healthy and easy weeknight dinner! It’s done in 20 minutes, totally plant based, and…


Shrimp and Broccoli

This ultra flavorful shrimp and broccoli comes together in minutes for a fast and easy healthy dinner! Serve with rice…

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Drink Recipes


Best Whiskey Sour

This easy whiskey sour recipe is perfectly balanced and so easy to make! Garnish with an orange peel and a…


Classic Mojito

Here’s a classic mojito recipe, perfectly balanced with lime, rum and fresh mint! This iconic Cuban cocktail is refreshing and…


Classic Moscow Mule

You’ve got the copper mugs, the ginger beer, and the vodka: now all you need is a recipe. Here’s how…


Classic Old Fashioned

Here’s the oldest cocktail there is, the Old Fashioned! The classic method uses a sugar cube, bitters, and bourbon whiskey…


Perfect Strawberry Smoothie

Here’s the most perfect strawberry smoothie you’ll find! It’s easy to blend up and has the best creamy texture and…


Perfect Banana Smoothie

Here’s the perfect banana smoothie recipe: frothy, creamy, and just the right sweet flavor! It’s made with unfrozen bananas so…


Best Spinach Smoothie

Here’s how to make the best spinach smoothie! The sweet tart flavor is so irresistible, you’ll forget you’re eating your…


Oatmeal Smoothie

This oatmeal smoothie recipe is a creamy and delicious way to get your whole grains! Blend it up with peanut…


How to Make a Latte

Here’s how to make a latte at home! This cafe latte has the best creamy body and frothy milk: it…


Pour Over Coffee

Make the best pour over coffee of your life in a Chemex coffee maker! Here’s how to make pour over…


Chai Latte

Here’s how to make a chai latte at home…the easy way! This drink is creamy and cozy spiced with the…


Iced Tea Recipe

Here’s how to make iced tea at home! This easy method takes only a few minutes of hands on time…


10 Tasty Mocktail Recipes

Here are all the best mocktail recipes to try! These non alcoholic cocktails make virgin drinks just as delicious as…


Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer drink combines iced tea and lemonade combine into an iconic refreshing beverage! Here’s how to make one…or…


10 Best Lemonade Recipes

Here’s how to make lemonade…at home! Start with our basic homemade lemonade recipe, try all the variations (pink, sparkling, and…


Green Juice

This green juice recipe is easy to make in a blender and packs in the nutrients! It’s bright and deliciously…

Pretty Simple Cooking

Grab our cookbook with 100 delicious recipes that make eating healthy taste amazing!

Pretty Simple Cooking is the debut cookbook by A Couple Cooks, named one of the best vegetarian cookbooks by Epicurious and best healthy cookbooks by Mind Body Green. After getting married, Sonja and Alex Overhiser unraveled a “pretty simple” approach to home cooking that kicks the diet in favor of sustainable home cooking habits.

Pretty Simple Cooking is a deliciously healthy cookbook that provides the secrets to cooking up weekly plant-forward meals! Try each one of the 100 vegetarian recipes (including 75 vegan and 90 gluten-free options).

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Best Sourdough Bread Recipe

Our best sourdough bread recipe is the ultimate guide! Easy to follow instructions, a printable checklist, and a step-by-step video…


Easy No Knead Bread

This homemade no knead bread will wow everyone! It’s so easy to make and has the best flavor, crispy crust,…

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