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Custom Dynamics Load Balancing Smart Triple Play Unit for Harley


Custom Dynamics Load Balancing Smart Triple Play Unit for Harley

Product description

Custom Dynamics Load Balancing Smart Triple Play Unit is compatible with certain Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including 1999-2003 Sportsters, 1997-2011 Dynas (Except 2009-2011 FXDB, 2010-2011 FXDWG), 1996-2010 Softails (Except 2008-2010 FXCWC, 2010 FLSTSE2), 1997-2013 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited models (including CVO), Road King (FLHR), Road King Classic (FLHRC), Road Glide Ultra (FLTRU), Road Glide Ultra CVO (FLTRUSE), 2006-2009 Street Glide (FLHX) and 1997-2009 Road Glide Standard (FLTR). This module has it all! Our new plug and play Load Balancing SMART Triple Play module by Custom Dynamics acts as a no-load, no-heat load equalizer and converts rear 1156 turn signals (models with a center taillight) to function as run, brake, and turn with choice of 10 user selectable built in brake light strobe/flash patterns! Additional functions include selectable running light intensities to match the running light brightness of turn signals to center taillight, ability to apply brake strobe/flash patterns to center taillight only, rear turns only, or rear turns and center taillight, and built in SMART function which allows normal turn signal flash to override the brake strobe/flash when simultaneously braking and turning. Does Not Fit H-D Trikes. Works with Custom Dynamics ProBEAM Red LED Motorcycle Turn Signals or stock incandescent bulbs (rear turns must be converted to red color for DOT compliance). Note: 2011-2018 Softail, 2012-2017 Dyna, 2014-2018 Touring, 2014-2018 Sportster models do NOT require a Load Equalizer. Use one of our other plug amp; play SMART Triple Play units for these applications. US Patent 8,588,997. Max load of 27 Watts per channel. This CD-TPU-SS-HD is an aftermarket product designed to be compatible with certain Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is not OEM, and is manufactured by Custom Dynamics.

Custom Dynamics Load Balancing Smart Triple Play Unit for Harley

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