Forward,-,Fly,Fast-Sink,Line,(Dark,Classic,,Green/,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,SNOWBEE,/ignobly607107.html,Weight,$25 $25 SNOWBEE Classic Weight Forward Fly Line - Fast-Sink (Dark Green/ Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness SNOWBEE Classic Max 71% OFF Weight Forward Fly Dark Line Green Fast-Sink - Forward,-,Fly,Fast-Sink,Line,(Dark,Classic,,Green/,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,SNOWBEE,/ignobly607107.html,Weight,$25 $25 SNOWBEE Classic Weight Forward Fly Line - Fast-Sink (Dark Green/ Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness SNOWBEE Classic Max 71% OFF Weight Forward Fly Dark Line Green Fast-Sink -

SNOWBEE Classic Max High quality 71% OFF Weight Forward Fly Dark Line Green Fast-Sink -

SNOWBEE Classic Weight Forward Fly Line - Fast-Sink (Dark Green/


SNOWBEE Classic Weight Forward Fly Line - Fast-Sink (Dark Green/

Product description

Product Description

For many years Snowbee has produced some of the best quality fly lines on the market. Our range now includes a small, economy priced range of lines aimed at the budget conscious angler. At these prices, you might not expect the same supreme performance of the XS range, however they offer good, reliable performance and make an exceptional entry level or Combi Outfit line. With shorter, steeper tapers, the casting performance is more forgiving and ensures good turn-over of large flies at maximum casting distance. Short 31ft head and total length 90ft including running line.

Set Contains:

Fly Line on spool, 2 x Loop Connectors, Instruction leaflet

SNOWBEE Classic Weight Forward Fly Line - Fast-Sink (Dark Green/

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