Zenker Springform "Creme Noir" With 10.24" Beige Ranking TOP4 1 Base Grey $24 Zenker Springform "Creme Noir" With 1 Base, Grey/Beige, 10.24" Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Zenker Springform "Creme Noir" With 10.24" Beige Ranking TOP4 1 Base Grey $24 Zenker Springform "Creme Noir" With 1 Base, Grey/Beige, 10.24" Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Base,,$24,webdispo.com,/liquidamber701522.html,1,Zenker,"Creme,Noir",10.24",Springform,Grey/Beige,,With Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Base,,$24,webdispo.com,/liquidamber701522.html,1,Zenker,"Creme,Noir",10.24",Springform,Grey/Beige,,With

Zenker Springform

Zenker Springform "Creme Noir" With 1 Base, Grey/Beige, 10.24"


Zenker Springform "Creme Noir" With 1 Base, Grey/Beige, 10.24"

Product description

Springform "Creme Noir", with 1 base, High quality non-stick coating, Material: stainless Steel, Diameter: approx. 10.24in, in grey-beige. Zenker means quality and trust, design and optimum practicality.

Zenker Springform "Creme Noir" With 1 Base, Grey/Beige, 10.24"

Scientific literature – Longevity

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