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Bombing new work Smead Bombing free shipping Classification Folders Green SMD13733

Smead Classification Folders, Green (SMD13733)


Smead Classification Folders, Green (SMD13733)

Product description


Heavy-duty classification folders feature patent-pending safe shield coated fastener technology to help prevent paper tears, finger cuts and excessive fastener crinkling. Safe shield adds protection for papers and fingers while also reducing fastener crinkling. Fasteners on front and back panels and the divider create separate filing surfaces within one folder. These two 2" coated fasteners on the panels are in positions 1 and 3. Folder also offers a 2" Expansion and is made of sturdy 23 point Pressboard stock with matching color Tyvek tape. The divider offers a 1" safe shield-coated twin-prong fastener and is made of 17 point stock.

Smead Classification Folders, Green (SMD13733)

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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